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An innovative, user-friendly service for lead generating two way sms service on 56767 or at 56767776 for sending reliably a text message to multiple mobile phones around the world. The most attractive feature of the service is its capability to organize recipients in groups.

Introduction to Short Code 56161

The dawn of MMS and SMS messaging has made the short code India quite popular. There are several short code service providers available today so it’s best to know the different types and features that will lead to the ideal short code provider. Short code India is generally described as unique phone numbers that are only composed of a few digits. These are given by the short code provider specifically to send SMS and MMS messages to individuals. The short code service of 56161 can make use of either permanent or mobile phones and gadgets. The two kinds of short code India include messaging and dialing. Because of the fewer digits given by the short code provider, these are easier to remember compared to regular phone numbers. The short code service will also lead to different operators depending on the level. The short code India will usually not overlap regardless of where the user is sending the message or calling from. The short code provider will try its best to send the message clearly and quickly. The short code service should also be inspected from time to time. Short code India can be classified according to the operator given by the short code providerlike 56161 or 56161. The short code service will also be determined by how the operator handles users.

Guidelines for the Short Code

Short code India is also called short numbers, generally because these are given by the short code provider as a shorter version of regular telephone or mobile numbers. The idea behind the short code service is to render the right method that will successfully send SMS and MMS messages from one source to the next. People can either message or text or dial the short code India and get in touch with loved ones. The short code provider will be responsible for providing the best routes for clear messaging. Short code service is present in different places. Short code India is used for voting, sending donations and typical communication processes. The short code provider has to be convenient and consistent to be considered as a short code service. In many cases, short code India will charge higher rates when sending messages. The short code service rendered will justify the cost compared to regular SMS or MMS sending. The short code provider will then forward a monthly service fee based on the total messages sent. Short code India can also be automatically featured or the short code service can be stopped by the user after following simple directions given by the short code provider.

Cost:Keyword on 56161 Short Code @ Rs.4500/-+18% GST for 1 year

More discounts if you buy in multiple of 10 keywords at one go.--Applicable for resellers only.

URL forwarding available Partner/General Sales :
Call: 08750-001-001
Service tax @ 15% extra

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