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An innovative, user-friendly service for lead generating two way sms service on 56767 or at 56767776 for sending reliably a text message to multiple mobile phones around the world. The most attractive feature of the service is its capability to organize recipients in groups.

Virtual Mobile Number

Groups and businesses today take advantage of a virtual mobile number or VMN since this can get incoming SMS text messages coming from any person within the mobile network. The virtual number allows people to get in touch with the company from their mobile phone or device regardless of their location. The long code will usually involve 11 numbers which are specially created to get SMS text messages. The virtual mobile number does not need a SIM card or GSM unit as well. The messages will be directly sent to the virtual number via the mobile network. The virtual number service provider will be in charge of forwarding these to customers via HTTP or email without having to acquire new programs or other devices. The long code will also help companies cut costs and does not require customers who contact the group to pay extra. Mobile customers simply need to pay for their usual monthly network bills to successfully send the text message to a virtual mobile number. The virtual number also does not charge anything extra for individuals to receive incoming SMS messages. A lot of agencies today use the virtual mobile number or VMN to gain more customers and acquire feedback quickly. The virtual number allows the company to be more accessible. With the long code present, customers can forward their needs and concerns.

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